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Plumeria’s Pirates litter
DAM: CH Plumeria’s Ocean Mist
SIRE: CH All For The Winner
On June 8th, 2018 we welcome these 4 little babies (2 blue boys and 2 liver boys)! Mum and all the puppies are doing fine. ♥️

Plumeria’s Black Sails (blue boy)
Plumeria’s Jolly Roger (blue boy)
Plumeria’s Quartermaster (liver boy)

All for the Winner
Plumeria's Ocean Mist
pedigree bedlington terrier
Plumeria's Black Sails
Plumeria’s Black Sails

Owner Mrs Mari Carmen Pelez Calafi (ES)

Plumeria's Jolly Roger
Plumeria’s Jolly Roger

Owner Mrs Donatella Cafiero (I)

Plumeria's Quartermaster
Plumeria’s Quartermaster

Owner Mrs Alessandra Daveri (I)

Alice Varchi's
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Address: Refrancore (AT), Italy

Mobile: + 39 347 9230352
Plumeria's logo
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